General Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping involve methodologies through which information can be procured about the about the accounts undergoing transactions. General book keeping is distinct with regards to its processes, entailing broader scope for accounting. Basically, this subject is systematic recording along with organizing of the financial transactions that occur in a company, which also include daily transactions. At MRH we offer all kinds of support a company needs to keep their book keeping records accurate.

Bank Reconciliations –compare internal records with bank statements to identify and rectify discrepancies

Profit & Loss Statements – The profit and loss statement is generated on a monthly or annual basis comprising the report for earnings by your business and also simultaneously recording the income and expenses.

Cash Flow Management – manage the cash flow to make sure you have cash whenever you need it.

Financial Reporting & Analysis – The key information on financial state of any business into an understandable language.

Accounts Payable & Receivable – Now identify the money you owe your suppliers and calculate the money that your customers owe to you.

End of financial year processes – Now keep away from the pressure that constantly wants to weigh you with all worrisome problems related to reviewing the financial year end.

Budgeting – Get a preview of the income and expenditure so that you are able to identify the amount of expenses you will be able to afford.

Troubleshooting – identify various areas in the current accounting system, which need improvements.

Stock Systems – set up the systems, which will help you track and also automate the reordering process as and when the stock go low.